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However, are you reading this because your best/annoying friend told you her one date with a Virgo man ended in tears? The reason I ask is because Virgos are extremely cultured and intelligent people, so much so that they should have been your ‘phone a friend’.

If so, then the following is my gift to you on how to make the best of your date with a Virgo. So if you hadn’t done already, I suggest you take a quick look at the day’s news in case he asks you what you thought of the crisis in the Middle East – Seriously!

She diplomatically brushed aside questions over whether it could stop her achieving her dream of succeeding Mr Cameron, and becoming Britain’s second woman Prime Minister, saying: ‘There is no leadership bid.

We have a first-class Prime Minister and long may he continue.’Putting a brave face on her condition, workaholic vicar’s daughter Mrs May, who frequently works on her Ministerial papers until 1am, before rising at 6am, said: ‘It doesn’t and will not affect my ability to do my work.

If you’re not getting to know them or you are, and are experiencing things that are at the very least proceed with caution signals or at their worst, full on abort mission signals, this is because you’ve already decided to commit, regardless.

Maybe this is what scares me about some of the stories I hear – I know that dating can be tough, especially if you’re doing it online.

According to the Commons grapevine, her dramatic change of appearance (she entered the House a size 14 and was a size 10 by last April) was not the result of a healthy diet but a cynical makeover designed to topple David Cameron.

In fact, as she reveals today, it was nothing of the sort.

Speaking for the first time about her illness to The Mail on Sunday, the 56-year-old politician is pragmatic and sensible in that slightly school ma’amish way of hers, but there’s little doubting the news came as a blow.‘It started last November.

I once ended a relationship with a girl because she’d never heard of the hospital superbug bacteria, MRSA.

You can be sure that your Virgo man has chosen somewhere elegant but yet comfortable to take you on your date.

Perhaps, they are recently divorced or widowed, and legitimately not ready to get involved in an intimate relationship.

Then, there are those who are too afraid of taking the risk of falling in love because they have been hurt too much in their previous relationships.

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