Updating contact pictures on android

When changing a contacts picture on my phone / tablet / in google contacts, it does not update in mightytext, neither on the web- nor the tablet-app.

It would be nice to be able to re-sync single/multiple/all contact images, either from the web or tablet app!

This feature can be useful if you do not have time to manually assign photos to contacts.

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See steps below to make changes to your Android phone contact list and then resync and refresh Signal.

If you do not see the names of your contacts, make sure to remove unnamed contact entires.

There’s this one common problem with the Samsung Galaxy S5 that occurs after the lollipop update.

It involves your contacts disappearing with the notice “Updating contact list” when you open the Contacts app.

We need the pictures from somewhere and what better than pulling them from social networks like Facebook, Whats App et al?One can always assign the picture to a contact manually using the built-in tools on the phone.However, doing the job manually kills the fun, especially when you have hundreds of contacts you wish to assign respective display pictures to.One handy feature is that your contacts and their addresses will now show up in the Your Places section.This way if you are going to a friend’s house, you can go right to Maps to find their address instead of digging through your contacts.

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