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Aqua's success came practically overnight, but their immense popularity disappeared almost as quickly as it appeared.

What happened to the band after their hit song faded from the charts was neither plastic nor fantastic.

The group sold an estimated 28 million albums and singles (see the discography section for more information), and in their prime, Aqua managed to make the singles chart top ten in a number of countries where European pop acts would not normally succeed, including the United States, Australia and Japan.

Aqua is also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the huge amount of concerts and interviews they have given (2300 interviews and 220 concerts).

She did find success as a song writer, penning Girls Aloud’s No Good Advice which reached number two in the UK charts, and You Freak Me Out.

It’s not my bag I don’t think, but whatever turns them on.

They shot to fame after releasing Barbie Girl in 1997, which went to number one and stayed there for an impressive three weeks.

After huge nineties success, their second album Aquarius was released in 2000 but had little effect, charting at number 24 in the UK.

But still their comeback didn’t really work out and they disbanded again. They didn’t like the suggestive nature of the song being associated with the doll and decided to sue, but the judge thought it was ridiculous, told them to ‘chill out’ and threw it out of court in 2002. Rene Dif, the slightly pervy Ken to Rene’s Barbie is now married to a health coach and has a daughter named Mabel. Soren with the wacky hair is no longer sporting the look of a cheese and pineapple hedgehog.

They might have been reasonably successful, but just look at that dude’s hair. Not all their tracks were huge hits like Barbie Girl. Claus also sports less crazy hair these days, lives in London and has a son.

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