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If not, it gets increasingly more difficult once you start working. I also noticed that my banking colleagues never missed lunch, even though they worked very long hours.Shortly after, I came across the concept of lunch dating, which had been very popular in the UK, US and Australia. After about 1 year and 4 months, I quit my job to start with my husband. VIOLET: I was a 24-year-old, without much business, working, or management experience.There must be a better way to meet potential partners in Asia!LUNCH ACTUALLY, Asia's premier lunch dating company offers you the chance to get acquainted over lunch, coffee or even after work drinks!As a dating consultant, Violet meets and matches the clients based on similar interests, likes, dislikes and physical and profile preferences.

When we wanted to get an office space, we were turned away. VIOLET: When we started the business, we knew we didn’t want to be just a mom-and-pop shop.

YONG HUI YOW: You left your job to start Lunch Actually. VIOLET LIM: After graduating from university, I joined Citibank as a management associate.

Initially, I was quite happy, but I could not see how I was making a difference. I got increasingly bored, but I tried to tell myself that maybe it’s because I was just starting out.

ASIA ONE - June 12 - Lunch Actually founder Violet Lim gave corporate life a shot but came to the conclusion that she should start her own business.

It was due to her job at a bank that allowed her to see a gap in the market. Her friends who were about to tie the knot had met each other in university.

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  1. Three chances to give it a shot before she made a judgement about whether or not she liked online dating. Rather than meeting good matches, she found herself with people she would never have decided to go out with if she had met them in person first, because they had nothing in common. Something about the context of online dating platforms just didn’t click with her.