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Spock was suddenly seen with a bushy beard and a reminder of the power of fear.

In an Oscars ad for the Audible audiobooks company, Quinto read a very short piece from George Orwell's "1984.""If he were allowed contact with foreigners, he would discover that they are creatures similar to himself and that most that had been told about them is lies," read Quinto. Perhaps as a commentary on the president's immigration order, one opposed by so many tech companies?

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You're not taking her to the Urban Eatery, there are so many better date spots to go in Toronto. Unless you go dutch on everything, the struggle is real.

You're trying to have a nice, romantic date but she's constantly on her phone checking her social media and you're left wondering if she's really swiping guys on Tinder in front of your face. You want to see them, but they never have time for you, and truth is, you probably don't have time for them.

Whether they're working on their fitness or actually working, they're too busy for you. Jessica is a Media Production student at Ryerson University.

Of course, I still side with Heidi on the issue of Seal’s violent temper, which is evidenced by him pushing her and needing to be physically restrained by security as well as Tatjana Patitz’s confirmation that Seal’s not a terribly nice person.

But never has Heidi alleged that Seal is a danger to their children.

Mao had to move away to France with her family, but separation couldn’t break the ties that bind them.

This also depends on whether your girl is low or high maintenance.

Toronto women are undeniably hotter than women anywhere else, and they think they're better than everyone else. In fact, a survey in 2013 said that Toronto women were the least picky.

In football, when a QB gets tackled before he can leave the pocket created by his linemen, it's called getting sacked in the pocket.

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Pace: Episodes have method and reason and end in cliffhangers that demand your attention.

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