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However, more than 40 of the viruses are called “genital type” HPVs.These viruses are spread from person to person when their genitals come into contact.They can affect a man’s genital area, including the penis.In men and women, genital HPV can infect the anus or some areas of the head and neck.

That’s the job of the immune system, which can be helped along in this regard by using condoms, avoiding tobacco and eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Unlike women, most men with HPV have no way of knowing they are infected.I am going to write a complete unbiased Wartrol review and share my personal experience in order to help you in deciding whether to buy it or not.There won’t be any unnecessary promotion or false promises.Why then, should a woman be obligated to tell her partner that she has HPV? There is no role for partner notification and treatment in preventing the spread of HPV.Given the ubiquitous nature of HPV infection, unless her partner is a virgin, the odds are pretty darned high that he already has had HPV. The only thing that partner notification accomplishes is to turn women with abnormal paps into pariahs, while the rest of the HPV infected men and women out there continue to copulate in blissful ignorance.

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