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I was with the first five who signed said attendance and of course I checked the column hoping that I can ask questions. There were about ten people that were called to ask questions and indeed, Eli SOriano can answer on the spot.

But after the exposition, there I realized that Eli Soriano knew beforehand who is going to ask questions and what questions will they ask.

It was just part of the script and if you are not part of the script then you will not be called to ask questions even if you signed first on the attendance.

This is my challenge for those who converted to Ang Dating Daan, were you given the chance to ask questions to Eli Soriano? If ever you were given the chance, did you ask tough questions to him like where in the Bible does it say that the Bible is composed of only 66 books?

During his appearance, Soriano harshly criticized Former Philippine President Arroyo, whom he blamed for his legal troubles.

A Stressful Religious Life Christian life should be filled mostly with happiness with God and the Lord Jesus Christ. A life that is filled with love, caring and affection to each and everyone, even to members and non-members. Everybody loves to have a complete and fulfilled life with Jesus no matter what… When your expectations go wrong and the things that you hope for is the reverse.

Because love is the utmost teaching that should be maintained once a person becomes a member of a certain Church. The sermon you will hear is about internal problems of the Church.

The financial management of your leaders and resources is at scarce.

There was an attendance for guests and one column was asking whether you will ask questions after the exposition.

Ito ang dating daan ng ating kahapon, ngayon'y limot na ng panahon.

Ang masayang nakaraan nito ay isa nang ala-ala, tila nalilimutan na ng oras. Butas-butas ang bubungang pawid; isang kumot ng alabok sa mga gibang mesa't upuan.

Higit na kapanipaniwala pa kung ang maghahabol ay ang MGA grupo ng Haligi at Suhay na naka-red box.

Looking through Soriano’s new post has made me laugh endlessly!

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To a particular religion spreading dread and fear not to go near or draw themselves to the members of the Church of Christ which does not do any harm with them.

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