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Executive Producer: Greg Aronowitz Power Rangers Creator: Saburo Yatsude / Writers: Bruce Kalish, Greg Aronowitz, Jackie Marchand, John Tellegen, Jackie Marchand Directors: Greg Aronowitz, Andrew Merrifield Cast: Brandon Jay Mc Laren (Jack Landors/Red SPD Ranger), Chris Violette (Schuyler 'Sky' Tate/Blue SPD Ranger), Matt Austin (Bridge Carson/Green SPD Ranger), Monica May (Elizabeth 'Z' Delgado/Yellow SPD Ranger), Alycia Purrott (Sydney Drew/Pink SPD Ranger), Rene Naufahu (Emperor Gruumm), John Tui (voice: Commander Anubis "Doggie" Cruger/Shadow Ranger), Michelle Langstone (Dr. (which stands for Space Patrol Delta) as an independent series based on the original or simply as the thirteenth season is up to you.

Katherine "Kat" Manx), Kelson Henderson (Boom), Olivia James-Baird (Mora), Barnie Duncan (Piggy) Running Time: 107 Minutes (5 episodes) / Rating: Not Rated 1.33:1 Fullscreen, Dolby Stereo Surround (English) Subtitles: English; Closed Captioned Episodes Originally Aired in 2005 DVD Release Date: June 7, 2005 Single-sided, dual-layered disc (DVD-9) Suggested Retail Price: .99; Black Keepcase Review by Aaron Wallace Shortly after debuting in the mid-1990s, the Power Rangers crossed over from popular children's television series to global phenomenon, spawning everything from action figures to feature films. Aside from the names and costumes, though, there isn't a lot in common between this new take and its original source.

After a few successful seasons, the decision was made to shake things up a bit in 1996 and what had been known as Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers became Power Rangers Zeo. The main characters are still young, but they aren't your every day high school students who just happen to save the world in their spare time.

That began a tradition of revamping and renaming the series with the beginning of each new season. Instead, they are space-stationed cadets training to become part of what is now the galactic Power Rangers police patrol in the year 2020.

While the Rangers are kept busy (and hospitalized), Gruumm has Morgana steal a final component for something secret, and for which he'll grant her her most dearest wish.Kiedy czerwony wojownik dołącza do zespołu, dochodzi do napięć i podziałów.Gdy jednak kosmici rosną w siłę, Power Rangers muszą zapomnieć o barierach ich dzielących i ruszyć do akcji... The five episodes presented here are the first in the series and therefore depict the unlikely formation of this inexperienced squad. lacks most of the charm of its original source, relying on flat and fairly boring storylines and mostly uneventful action sequences.A blue dog-like creature named Commander Cruger (voiced by John Tui) is their leader and he dictates a chain of command among the rangers that results in tension between the leading Red Ranger (Jay Mc Laren) and his subordinates. The characterization is weak and stereotypical, and yet the acting still falls short of it.

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